Will be available soon

We are excited to announce App&Love will be available soon for beta testing

I will be a beta tester

Chat with Real peoples

Meet smart, interesting, friendly people that want to chat with other cool people. No sleaze, creeps, ads, or other bullshit. Just awesome, real people. Human to human. It's fun 😃

Comfort of your own home

Just prepare webcam, smile, pop corn and enjoy the moment with us. You can meet at your own space, follow your own schedule and you can even meet from the comfort of your own home.

Optimize group discussion

These are things you just don’t get in a big conference or webinar, or in an online group or forum. People are more reserved in those settings. They never know who’s in the audience listening. In a small group, you know exactly who’s there.

Stay mobile

Use the app via Web app, Tablet or Mobile device